Our Tariffs


Because our mission statement consists in tailoring our services to the unique needs of our clients, it is difficult for us to set a fixed price table. Our method usually consists in meeting with the clients, listening to their needs and how they envision the final product, and then work towards that objective within their financial parameters.
Our clients appreciate that we submit several proposals from which they can choose the one that best suits their needs: it is with great pleasure that we invite you to our studio, without any obligation on your part, so that we may evaluate with you how we can realize the project that is dear to you.


You wish to produce a video of an upcoming show/gala/performance but you do not have the money to see it through? We have the solution!

For years we have produced videos for figure skating clubs, dance clubs, colleges, etc. without them having to put a single penny upfront. How is this possible?


We propose to the organization to sell the DVD’s of the event to the students, relatives and friends, and all those interested; thus, in setting a minimum of guaranteed DVD sold, our shooting, editing and production fees are covered.

This method has been used and proven to work for many years and the clients that use it are always satisfied with the result. Contact us to submit your project to us; we will gladly plan everything with you.